Four Months Till SufferfestKI

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Only four months until my second iron distance triathlon and my training kicks off this weekend with a trip to Samoa to take on Warrior Week. A fun week compromising:
- the 70.3 Warrior Race Triathlon
- a 10km and 5km open water swim as part for the Pacific Ocean Challenge
- three 4km open water swims as part of the Samoa Swim Series, and
- the Le Lava Half Marathon

I am racing Sufferfest Kangaroo Island in November and am looking to approach this race a little differently from my first IM in March 2016.

My priorities for this race are:

Stay Healthy

I am not saying I was not healthy when I completed my first IronMan, but I, like many other age groupers probably train more that what I should. I am making sure that I keep my training consistent and rest when I need to. I plan to do some long rides over the next four months but I am not going to make sure that it takes me away from my life.

Love My Swimming Again

Last year, I saw my love for swimming drop off a cliff. My weekly open water swim, turned into me travelling to the beach for a coffee. I have cut back on my swimming and am seeing my times slowly improving again. I am feeling strong in the water and am looking forward to ticking off my first 10km swim next week in Samoa.

Trust My Decisions

It would be pretty common for any endurance athlete to be second guessing their decisions, and as a self coached athletes, we would be more than guilty of doing that. This time round, I am going to make sure I trust my decisions, and live with any consequences. I know I am putting in enough time and being consistent with my training. If it does not happen to be enough on the day, I will simply ease up and pace myself through the rest of the race.

Be a Good Influence On Others

One major difference that I am faced with this year is that I have a new partner(and training partner). Kangaroo Island will be her first triathlon and half IronMan, so this will be the realization of a long time dream. I really want to be a good influence on her to make sure she enjoys the journey to get to race day and the experience of completing her first half IronMan. I’m hoping we can both get their without having to give up on our lives outside of sport and not let our health suffer.

It‘s been a long time since I have really been enjoying my training while improving my performances, so I want to do everything I can in the next four months to make sure this feeling continues.

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Vince is a SufferfestTri ambassador for 2017 and is currently living in Auckland with his girlfriend and cat. He works hard on achieving his goals and helping promote the SufferfestTri brand, and is passionate about health, fitness and endurance sport. Always looking to inspire others to do amazing things.

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