Announcing the Release of the Web3 Entrepreneur’s Guide

In the past couple of months, Open Web Sandbox and NEAR education have been working together to create a Web3 Entrepreneurs’ Guide — a resource for developers, entrepreneurs, and educators who aspire to kickstart educational businesses on NEAR.

Created by a team of entrepreneurs, Guild leaders, developers, and writers active in the NEAR ecosystem, the group worked together to put forward an informative and accessible guide based on an in-depth study of NEAR Hispano — the most successful NEAR regional educational hub. The guide is designed to be a toolkit for anyone looking to build a successful educational business, and a starting point for anyone interested in Web3 entrepreneurship.

NEAR’s infrastructure was built to power the Web3 revolution is and open up a new frontier for developers and entrepreneurs interested in creating innovative businesses. Education is key to this mission. It will play a major role in facilitating the transition from Web2 to Web3. That is why NEAR Education is investing in creating the necessary resources to onboard the next generation of entrepreneurs, educators, and developers. The Web3 Entrepreneurs’ Guide positions itself as a tool for those interested in leveraging NEAR ecosystem resources to create thriving educational businesses that will help attract talent and new users.

This guide is a valuable resource that gathers all the information and insights from an in depth case study of one of the most successful NEAR educational hubs. Designed to be simple and informative, this guide provides its readers with a clear picture of the steps required to create a Web3 educational hub to foster innovation and across different regions. Starting with a thorough introduction of NEAR Hispano that highlights its business model and value proposition, the guide breaks down the stages that preceded the launch of NEAR Hispano, the strategies put in place to promote the project, as well as an overview of the result achieved. By examining these processes, the guide puts forward nine key takeaways that will help future entrepreneurs replicate NEAR Hispano’s success.

The guide will be available in English and Russian on the Open Web Sandbox Website starting from the 31st of March. After the launch the team will continue updating the guide to keep it relevant and up to date. It will serve as a living document that will evolve as the community grows.

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Written by La Devochka.



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