Family Matters: Exploring The Relationship Between Web2 and Web3

Open Web Sandbox Party Recap

Chronear: Business On NEAR

The first presentation was held by Chronear, the founder of the NEAR Intelligence Agency (NIA), and one of the members of the community. One of the latest projects that he has been working on is Business on NEAR (BoN), a guild dedicated to kickstart business on NEAR. BoN’s objective is to make it easy to learn about funding opportunities available at NEAR, to easily introduce outside projects to the NEAR ecosystem, and to incentivise referrals.

Jordan: Astro DAO

Jordan is the leader (aka DAOist) of Astro DAO, a DAO tooling on NEAR, that makes all the powerful DAO tooling on NEAR easy to use for everyday users. Astro DAO is a project that was incubated by NEAR lab, a group inside the NEAR foundation that takes internal tooling and also helps external projects turn into companies and spin out. During his presentation, Jordan talked about how Astro DAO make the creation and use of DAOs extra easy thus fostering further adoption by the community.

Alejandro VB: Silicon Craftsmen Guild

The third presentation was held by Alejandro VB from the Silicon Craftsmen Guild, a community-led working group whose focus is to develop and advance Web3 Product Design and User Experience (UX) standards. During his presentation, Alejandro talked about the importance of UX in determining a product’s adoption as well as the most common misconceptions associated with Web3 UXs. According to Alejandro, UXs are key to making the transition between Web2 and Web3 happening.

Valentina: Open Web Sandbox Website Launch

The last presentation was carried out by Valentina, one of OWS’ web designers, who announced the launch of the new OWS’ website. During her presentation, Valentina did not only showcase the OWS’ website sections and designs but also talked about the process and challenges behind building it.



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