Humans of the Open Web Sandbox: Anastasiia

A series on humans currently and previously involved with OWS.

Setting up for the unknown.

Ana is from Moscow, Russia. Her interests are in cinematography and literature. But she doesn’t mind a bit of yoga and sewing. Her favourite era is 90s cinema: La Haine, Trainspotting, and all those other neo-noir, black comedy crime films that came out that decade.

A depiction of Russian philosophers Vladimir Solovyov, Leo Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoevsky

From Corporate to Web3.

She used those skills at a digital advertising company for a few years, making banners, videos, and digital content for medical, business, and fashion brands. But the clients and corporate structure did not really excite her.

The OWS story begins.

OWS began as a team of people looking for others to join the Web3 space by offering blockchain related opportunities within the NEAR ecosystem. A large part of that is to try and match the perfect person with the perfect opportunity. Her position is just that — project manager for OWS. Her experience in digital media and management is a valuable asset for OWS.

The future is NEAR, or OWS.

Her plan for the year is to help develop and build a new OWS Career Path so that contributors are clear on how to participate for all parts of the process: education, training, and opportunity. OWS is an important bumper zone for new comers and must be developed as such as the audience increases. She imagines the unknowingness of stepping into the NEAR ecosystem and hopes to make this easier for new comers.



Encouraging and facilitating participation and collaboration in the NEAR blockchain ecosystem.

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