3 Ways OB1 Helps Protect OpenBazaar Users

OB1 is the team heading the development of OpenBazaar and we have provided a few ways for users to make safer decisions when they are using the marketplace. Check out this video for more information about how each of these things works:

First, OB1 helps protect users through their continual development contributions & maintenance of OpenBazaar itself. It is an open-source project and also welcomes the contributions of other developers around the world who would like to see it grow.

Second, OB1 offers a search engine within the OpenBazaar client. OB1 search offers a few features to help users here: curation, listing filters and flagging. OB1 removes listings that are fraudulent or illegal and users can flag these listings to bring them to our attention if needed.

Third is the new OB1 Verified Moderators program. Moderators are just users of OpenBazaar whom have elected to become a third party in others’ transactions in order to provide escrow & dispute resolution. It’s important to choose a trustworthy moderator for this to work well and OB1 Verified Moderators is a way that users can determine who is more likely to be trustworthy on the network.

OB1 is committed to developing decentralized technologies that give people more control over what they do online. The services mentioned in this post are offered in a competitive marketplace; anyone can compete with OB1 to offer better search or verified moderators to OpenBazaar users. Having an ecosystem of service providers offering their optional products on top of the fully decentralized marketplace gives users choices, convenience, and ultimately allows them to retain complete control over their own trade.

Take control of your online shopping or selling experience when you download OpenBazaar and learn more about OB1 at https://ob1.io