Milestone 3 Developer Release for OpenBazaar v2.0

The OB1 team is proud to announce that OpenBazaar 2 has reached Milestone 3. This means development has reached a point where the server and client have the minimum functionality required for a working e-commerce platform.

Below is a list of the features that are now working. Not all of them are complete, most still have minor polish or secondary features that need to be completed before our full release.

Release Notes


When you start OpenBazaar for the first time, you will go through a simple process to enter your base settings.

Creating Listings

All significant aspects of creating a listing are now available. You can create a listing with multiple photos, variants (color, size, etc.), inventory (including variants), shipping with multiple options per set of shipping regions, discount coupons and more.

Purchasing and Transactions

The purchase flow is functional, with almost all parts of it in a working state. You can buy a listing with or without a moderator, pay for that listing with the internal wallet or an external one, complete the transaction as a buyer or seller, and leave a review when the transaction is complete. Reviews will appear on the listing’s page, and can be anonymous. Transactions can be disputed, and moderators can resolve the disputes.

We have also implemented a timeout system, where orders that are abandoned by buyers after the buyer has paid will move their funds to the seller after approximately 45 days.


You can search for listings on the network using the default OB1 search engine. The search engine can be changed in your settings. We’ll be making improvements to how you can select search engines and the overall search experience in Milestone 4.

Tor Integration

As of Milestone 3, OpenBazaar has optional Tor integration. If you are running Tor, and you choose to use OpenBazaar with it, your OpenBazaar traffic will go through Tor.

Testing is starting soon, stay up to date!
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Originally published at on July 28, 2017.