Why OpenBazaar is Integrating New Cryptocurrencies

OpenBazaar has integrated Bitcoin Cash and Zcash (Beta) for payments. Why?

For a few reasons, but two important ones at the core. The first relates to the vision of what we want OpenBazaar to become and the second was just practical.

Check out this video OB1 Co-Founder, Sam Patterson, made to explain:

These were the first cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin to be natively integrated which means that sellers can now receive their payments in these coins. Buyers can also pay with any of dozens of coins as supported by Shapeshift and both of these features give users even more opportunities for customization and control in this decentralized marketplace.

Bitcoin Cash and Zcash were chosen to integrate first due to their general technical compatibility with OpenBazaar–being similar to Bitcoin–and the availability of shared development support. Additional coin integrations are coming soon!

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Originally published at www.openbazaar.org on February 20, 2018.