Why we Support Coin Center

Coin Center, a non-profit research and advocacy center for cryptocurrency, announced today that they have raised over one million dollars for their 2017 operations. OB1 is one of the companies that donated, and we’re glad to see so many others donating as well.

Why do we support Coin Center? Our company is building new technology — using cryptocurrency — to change how online trade happens. Policymakers have a significant impact on ecommerce through various policies ranging from taxation to AML-KYC to data collection to regulations on payment methods. If we tried to take time and resources away from building new technology and instead focus on educating policymakers about it, we’d end up doing both poorly.

Coin Center does the research about this new technology, and they do the outreach to policymakers and the media. They have a comparative advantage in research and advocacy, and everyone in the cryptocurrency space is better off because of it. They’ve showcased dozens of papers explaining various aspects of the space, including a piece I wrote about decentralized markets. Their executive director, Jerry Brito, understands the benefits of permissionless innovation and decentralization, and he spreads that message.

Congratulations to Coin Center on their funding. If you’re building new technology then consider a donation yourself.

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