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17 min readJun 30, 2020

🇬🇧 For the first time in France, players in the field of biofabrication applied to the fashion industry will meet in Paris at the international exhibition for fashion and textile innovation: Avantex, from 16 to 19 September 2019.
Let us present you to this event…

Image from the communication campaign: Biofabrication In Fashion, by Open BioFabrics // CC BY-NC Open BioFabrics

Welcome to this area dedicated to biofabrication in fashion.

A concept developed and designed by Open BioFabrics (France), realized with the participation of Pili (France), ScobyTec (Germany), Laura Luchtman from the Kukka & Ilfa Siebenhaar designstudio (The Netherlands), Atelier Sumbiosis (France), as well as Carolyn Raff Studios (Germany), who have so kindly lent their realization or cultivated prototypes or will come to Paris.

Special mention to Biofabricate (USA), Bolt Threads (USA), Neffa (The Netherlands), Studio Nienke Hoogvliet (The Netherlands), Jen Keane (USA), Roya Aghighi (Canada) who have visually contributed to showcasing the potential of biofabrication in the fashion sector.

To provide an overview of the discipline a state of the art, designed by Open BioFabrics, will be presented in chronological form. Biotechnology companies, biodesigners or biohacking communities will illustrate this rich adventure in innovative projects.

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Biofabrication In Fashion // © Messe Frankfurt

What is biofabrication?

Initially, biofabrication is a research field that has fostered the development of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (1) . Although it is a recent discipline since it was born by the end of the 2000’s its fast growth has encouraged some scientists like Gabor Forgacs and Wei Sun to reassess its definition in an article (2)…