🤯 The time has come.

Openbook alpha goes live.

👋 Hey there,

We hope you’re having a great start of the weekend.

It’s been a week since we last spoke and we’ve got some good news.

After countless of late-nights and weekends made possible by you, we are releasing the absolute ground zero for Openbook: The alpha version.

We’re sure there will be things to improve and functionality we also wish we could have on this version, but then again, it’s part of the thrill of being an alpha tester, seeing and helping the platform grow, day by day.

Some of the things you will be seeing in the upcoming weeks are

  • Post comment replies
  • Video posts
  • @mentions
  • Post comment upvotes/downvotes
  • And more!

That said, you will shortly receive another mail with the instructions on downloading the app and creating your account 🎉

And finally, you can now also find all the source code and our day to day work planning on GitHub!

💁‍♀️ We hope to see you soon in Openbook!

A note for iOS users:

In full disclosure, we fixed a silly bug yesterday where clicking on a post comment would take you to the post creator rather than the commentator but Apple has not yet approved the release.

Therefore we recommend downloading the app later today when version 0.0.11/11 is available. You can see this in TestFlight before downloading the app. Sorry about this.

🤔 F.A.Q.

I’m not a backer, I want in!

We’ll be keeping our IndieGogo campaign open for a couple of days more.