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Design from a Distance

In the Studio with Vinay Kumar Mysore, Design Researcher at Openbox

Understanding the lived experiences of communities is central to Openbox’s process. Community research in D.C. ranged from the experience of erasure in gentrifying neighborhoods to the desire to ground action and activism in the everyday.

How do we design together from a distance? As a human-centered design studio, this was our big question as the coronavirus became a global reality and we quickly transitioned our operations from a collaborative workspace to our individual homes. Our first response was to simply swap in-person interactions with digital ones. But as we continue to grow into…




Stories of human-centered design for people, cities, and planet.

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Adriana Valdez Young

Adriana Valdez Young

Mother, mixed methods researcher, urbanist, and faculty at SVA’s MFA in Interaction Design in NYC; head of community at 3x3.

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