BB — Boloco balances profit and purpose by putting people first

Nick Belsito
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2 min readMay 23, 2019


boloco — Boston Local Company, the B Corp that balances profit and purpose by putting people first. Watch more to see how Erin Childs, (President) and her team are bringing a modern Mexican refresh your favorite burritos.

About Erin
Erin, a graduate of the University of Lynchburg in Virginia earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism in (2001). A native New Yorker, Erin began her career in New York City as an event planner. In 2004, Erin moved to Boston to and shifted to the sales side of the restaurant Industry and transitioned into the Fast-Casual dining space. She focused on catering sales and building strong catering programs.

Erin joined Boloco as the Director of Catering in 2010 where she developed the catering program from the ground up and oversaw all aspects of the program including sales, marketing and operations. In July of 2018 Erin was promoted to President of Boloco, a certified B Corporation. Erin’s focus is to continue to build off the success off Boloco’s brand and mission to better the lives and futures of their people while offering ridiculous delicious food. She is leading the initiatives on a full refresh across all the Boloco locations giving them a true “modern Mexican” feel. She is passionate about helping lead the incredible team of Boloco to be the best they can be while having a lot of fun along the way!

Erin serves as a board member of the Off Premise Industry Council (OPIC).

About Boloco

What: Boloco is a certified B Corp and believes using business and burritos as a force for good. The Boston-based restaurant chain and serves Modern Mexican fare of burritos, bowls, salads, wraps, smoothies, and shakes.

How: Every ingredient we serve has to have a purpose. At Boloco, we strive for the unexpected, bold, and addictive flavors influenced by culinary traditions from around the world

Why: Our mission is to better the lives and futures of our people. We use ridiculously delicious burritos to do it.