It’s normal today to test your codebase. Any company whose business is based on a technical solution has implemented an automated testing solution.

We’re all in agreement on that. Now the question is: “What should we test?”

In this article, we are not going to talk about the different types…

From the product discovery to the deployment.

What is Quality Engineering?

Quality Engineering in software development is the discipline of engineering concerned with the management, development, operation, and maintenance of IT systems and enterprise architectures with a high-quality standard.

Generally, Quality Engineers work closely with other engineering team members like Product Managers, Solution Managers…

The one tool we use to document our design process, communicate our progress, and share our work

Illustration by Fabien Gouby

In the Product Design team of OpenClassrooms, we successfully introduced a way of sharing the same process, while customizing it to each Product Designer’s needs. Here’s how!

Where did we start?

A situation that may sound familiar to you.

First, a quick explanation of how things work in the design team of OpenClassrooms:

Here is a quick article about the OpenClassrooms code guidelines. As a Staff iOS developer, it will be Swift oriented but the general idea is shared across all our development teams.

Why do we have a code style guide?

No surprise, we do have one so the code is easier to read, but why it does so? Let’s…

Ten days ago, I started to work remotely for OpenClassrooms.

In my previous job, I’ve often heard that full remote was not an option. Mostly because newcomers could not benefit from a reliable onboarding. And it was true, they reported a feeling of loneliness and isolation since they had started.

Technology @ OpenClassrooms

Technology @ OpenClassrooms

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