FusionConf 2017 wrap up, December edition

FusionConf 2017 (Dec)

The final installment for the 2017 Fusion Conference (FusionConf) was recently held in Charlotte’s, Camp North End. The FusionConf bills itself as “a quarterly mini-conference focused on web design, user experience, and development”. Per usual, the conference did not disappoint.

The roster of speakers for the December edition of the FusionConf included 6 members of the tech community followed by the Made in Charlotte Panel moderated by Mr. Garratt Tichy, owner of the Hygge (pronounced hue-guh not hoo-gah) co-working spaces.

Mariah Hay on Product Management

Stacey Mulcahy, Program Manager at Microsoft Garage, spoke on curiosity and the Tinkerer’s Toolkit. She also has a wonderful presentation that can be found on YouTube here. Stacey was followed by Adekunle Oduye, Product Designer at Justworks, who spoke on the merits of a Documentation Driven Design System. Next up to bat was the very candid and entertaining Cat Noone who spoke about the Irresponsible Designer. Cat is CEO at Iris. Tera Simon, Program Director at PointSource, spoke about the always burdensome issue of Scope Creep and how to better manage it. After the second break, Tim Cheadle, Technical Lead at General Assembly, spoke on the topic of Not Getting Things Done: Rethinking Productivity. Mariah Hay batted clean-up. Mariah is the VP of Products at Pluralsight, and spoke about the PM (not to be confused with project manager) Misconception: Why Everyone and No One is Prepared to Manage Products.

Garratt Tichy leading the Made in Charlotte Panel

Finally, the FusionConf wrapped up with the Made in Charlotte Panel consisting of local tech leaders and entrepreneurs. The panel, moderated by Garratt Tichy, included Haley Bohon, CEO of Skillpop, Zach Kirchin, CTO at Tech Talent South, Chris Elmore, Co-founder of AvidXchange, Meggie Williams, CEO of The Waggle Company, and Ted Prendergast, Recruiting Manager at Red Ventures. Much of the discussion centered around tech and growth in the Queen City. There were also lively discussions about the amount of talent moving to Charlotte and the need for Charlotte tech to support one another in order to help grow and support the local industry.

And, that’s a wrap! New friends, new insights, new opportunities, and maybe, just maybe some new job offers for those lucky few. ;) The FusionConf is really helping to put CLTtech on the map! A special shoutout to Bermon Painter and the rest of the organizers. Keep up the great work…