Bringing sports clubs into 2017

Sports clubs are big business.

But too often it is assumed they must be hard work. The hours must be put in. The grind to keep them running is unavoidable etc.

Now, to a certain extent, this is true. Clubs require effort — effort from members to be involved and present, effort from parents and supporters to be continually supportive, and effort from those on the inside to continue to turn the wheels.

But this effort is often put into faceless tasks. Paperwork, systems and processing. Yes, it is important, but not as important as communication and interaction with the people that drive the club — members.

As such, time should be of the essence for club management.

This is where OpenClub has decided to come in — to battle the arch enemy of all clubs…paper!

We’ve set out to help clubs better manage all aspects of club life. Member management, membership payments, events and ticketing, communication and of course, the dreaded announcements.

It’s been a great insight chatting to all sorts of sports clubs, of all sizes. It seems that the same issues arise, regardless of size, age and level of competitiveness.

Admins are swamped, and are taken away from performing tasks which push the clubs forward. We’re changing this, by implementing our easy to use club management software.

The goal? Spending less time on organising memberships and payment, and more time interacting with your members. Simple, really.

We’d love to help your club! Get in touch —