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HYVE + USDO Auto Compounding LP: How To

HYVE and OpenDAO Develop their Partnership on BSC

HYVE community who have been wondering what the buzz is about… it’s this:

The USDO-HYVE LP is now live on the “steaks” auto-compounding platform.

What this means is:

❇️ No more “rewards harvesting” required
❇️ No more **** coin rewards
❇️ Less work, more tokens!

Learn more below


  • HOW TO
  • ???????????


Partnership with OpenDAO means that HYVE will also be plugged into the OCP ecosystem! OpenDAO and HYVE established a USDO-HYVE Liquidity Pool , and it will be added to OCP’s “Steaks” auto-compounding platform, to make life a little easier and more prosperous.

Furthermore, we can look forward to minting USDO with HYVE as an asset on the OpenDAO minter platform here, but we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves… Article on this later…

In the meantime, please enjoy the auto-compounding!

Less work, more HYVE!


[STEP 1] Add $HYVE and $USDO to the Pool

Got some $HYVE? Good.
Got your $USDO? Good. Good. (Also available at PancakeSwap)

Enable the assets, Approve in wallet!
Now you’ve got LP tokens!

[STEP 3] Approve + Confirm

NOTE: First time users may have to confirm AN ADDITIONAL TIME in their wallet to set up a ‘zap’ that does extra work on the users behalf.

[STEP 4] Deposit All

Or adjust the slider and click “DEPOSIT”
Approve in wallet.

[STEP 5] Done! Now Auto-Compounding

How easy was that? Your rewards are converted back into their underlying positions. That means more HYVE and USDO!

What does that mean?

❇️ No more daily rewards harvesting
❇️ No more wonky **** coin rewards


USDO is an over-collateralized multi-collateral stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, thereby making stocks, real estate, crypto currencies, and nearly any real world asset a viable candidate as collateral for minting it.

One by one, assets are being added as approved collateral for minting our stablecoin, and over the next year, we can expect to see larger, more illiquid, and more ‘tangible’ assets added to our platforms.

Of course, USDO is also jam packed with utility and is available for use across a growing number of platforms. Read more here.

Welcome. You’re early!

Join us in OpenDAO Telegram to get the latest news too!


HYVE is a blockchain-based freelancing platform that has a bright vision for the future of work, by breaking the barriers between people and enabling peer-to-peer interactions between the parties involved.
HYVE offers a marketplace for businesses to browse profiles of freelancer candidates based on type, level, skills.

The platform serves two main purposes: creating a global task directory and offering infrastructure for decentralized platforms. The platform is designed to cut intermediaries out of the freelance and workforce industry. HYVE’s mission is to reduce fees to 0% and create a community-governed ecosystem, bringing the power of Blockchain into a trillion-dollar industry.

HYVE enables global collaboration between people and machines, and is an open infrastructure for any platform that aspires to become a blockchain-first business. The provided infrastructure includes things such as: contract confidentiality, instant settlement, P2P agreements, a generalistic collaboration module and self-verifiable tasks powered by the HYVE Protocol.

More about HYVE: Website | Twitter | Whitepaper | Telegram


Omni Consumer Protocols is a BSC native DeFi yield optimizing protocol. They supercharge the inherent value in all tokens on their platform and are responsible for the OCP effect, in which tokens on the platform tend to increase in value significantly shortly after listing.

They were the recipients in OpenDAO’s grant to build a minter for $USDO on BSC, which is now live on the OpenDAO platform. They continue to operate the ultimate DeFi lego set up, and very very soon, OCP is going to…

Oh. They told us not to mention the next part yet…
However, they did ask us to write:

Be worth a damn, join the board.”


OpenDAO (OPEN) is the home of the multi-collateral over-collateralized stablecoin, and we serve as a bridge for real-world assets to cross over into the growing DeFi infrastructure.

The goal is to bring more value into the space by providing exposure to real estate, stocks, and more… all in a uniquely permissionless and seamless manner.

Real world industries’ business models will be completely transformed as a result of our success.

Join our Telegram if you haven’t already!


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Thank you for taking the time to read our article!




OpenDAO’s USDO stablecoin is backed by the world. Scalable to any economy, backed by nearly any valuable asset, superior to its predecessors in design and support.

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