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$OPEN Token Lock Update

67,700,000 tokens secured with Team Finance

$OPEN locked with

You should not have to trust us, trust in the code.

67.7Mil $OPEN tokens (67.7% of supply) locked with Team Finance for 1 year.

Token lock tx:

These $Open are $Closed till next year.

Of this locked $OPEN, the breakdown is as follows:

  • 10.97% - 7,426,707.19 from Treasury
  • 20.58% - 14,000,000.00 from Team.
  • 68.35% - 46,273,292.81 from Community.

In summary

  • 100Mil total $OPEN
  • 67% of which, locked for 1 year
  • Presale and Team Alloc to be locked in linear release contracts.
  • DAO Treasury - 5Mil (2/3 for $OPEN bridged to BSC)
  • Community Incentives - 2Mil

Any further questions, you can reach to us on all the usual networks.

OpenDAO Links

Main Site:
White Paper:
Transparency Document:



OpenDAO’s USDO stablecoin is backed by the world. Scalable to any economy, backed by nearly any valuable asset, superior to its predecessors in design and support.

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