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Pancakes, Burgers, and Binance oh my!

Gas fees got you down?

Want to trade your favourite crypto without paying the price of a fancy meal just in transaction fees?

We’ve got you covered!

OpenDAO is excited to expand beyond Ethereum, as we wrap $OPEN onto Binance Smart Chain.

Leveraging the BurgerSwap platform, we have created $bOPEN and seeded a PancakeSwap liquidity pool paired with $wBNB.

Read on, for how to connect to Binance Smart Chain and start trading $bOPEN with far more appealing transaction fees.

When Ethereum ERC $OPEN gets wrapped into BEP20 $bOPEN, it essentially becomes its own token. It can be unwrapped for ‘real’ ERC20 $OPEN, but while on Binance Smart Chain the price does what it will.

For the savvy $OPEN traders there will likely be some interesting arbitrage opportunities between the two, but let’s get started.

How to connect to Binance Smart Chain?
It’s as simple as adding a custom network to your wallet.

  • In MetaMask for example click “Ethereum Mainnet” in the header, then Custom RPC

Enter the following following details..

Network Name: BSC Mainnet
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

Now when you visit a Binance Smart Chain exchange like PancakeSwap, just connect your wallet like normal, and switch to this new network.

Trading on Binance Smart Chain like this, now you can buy $bOPEN through your Metamask with (compared to ETH network) basically no gas!

Check out this guide for more detail, stepping you through adding Binance Smart Chain to Metamask, wrapping $OPEN with BurgerSwap, and trading $bOPEN on PancakeSwap.

Binance Smart Chain Links

Binance Academy guide on connecting to BSC:
$bOPEN contract:
wBNB / bOPEN pair:

OpenDAO Main Links

White Paper:
Transparency Document:




OpenDAO’s USDO stablecoin is backed by the world. Scalable to any economy, backed by nearly any valuable asset, superior to its predecessors in design and support.

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