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Reef x OpenDAO

REEF backed USDO, REEF mining rewards

REEF USDO Liquidity Mining 🌊

Thanks to a highly generous contribution from the Reef team, users staking in this farm will earn their share of $25,000 in $REEF rewards, released over the 6 month farm duration.

More about Reef 🐠

Reef Token is the native currency on the Reef Chain, and is used for transaction fees (gas) and on-chain governance (NPoS and PoC). Reef token is also available as ERC-20 on Ethereum and BSC and will be made convertible 1:1 with native Reef chain tokens.

More about 🌐 OpenDAO, & OCP 🤖

Will you become part of the change?

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OpenDAO’s USDO stablecoin is backed by the world. Scalable to any economy, backed by nearly any valuable asset, superior to its predecessors in design and support.

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