A vision for the future of open data

Join a global conversation around updating the ODC Principles

Photo by Juan Cruz Mountford on Unsplash

by Natalia Carfi.

The Open Data Charter and its six principles were born out of an international conversation, so it is fitting that the focal point of the process to update these principles will be an open meeting taking place in Buenos Aires on the sidelines of IODC.

The Charter began as a collaboration between governments, civil society and open data experts, which led to the establishment of the six principles in 2015. The principles represent six targets for how governments should be publishing information to be as open as possible, timely, and interoperable.

A lot has changed in the intervening three years, and in May of 2018 we begun the process of updating the principles. This process has involved a number of steps to capture as wide a range of visions and opinions on how the underpinnings of much of the work done in this field needs to evolve.

The process started with a on online survey, two focus groups with key open data stakeholders and interviews with government officials from different continents. It continues with the work of three expert groups that will be discussing the documents produced from the information collected in the review process.

Out of this process a number of questions have emerged — such as how can we balance the need for targeted data releases that spur impact focused action, with the need for a broad-based “open by default” approach across all of government? And how can we incorporate an understanding of the complexities of the AI revolution, and what it means for how we think about data transparency?

As part of the process to answer these questions, we will be holding an open event in Buenos Aires in the days leading up to the International Open Data Conference 2018, being hosted in Buenos Aires at the end of September. This will be your opportunity to impact the process and join the global conversation around the updating of the principles. Find below more information:

Follow this link to register.