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Bizkaia adopts the International Open Data charter principles

The Provincial Council of Biscay joins the greater open data community

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Bizkaia adopts the charter and joins the network for community peer exchange

In 2018, the Provincial Council of Biscay announced that they will implement open data policies to promote transparency, fight corruption, empower its citizens and ensure a more effective and responsible government. The Provincial Council of Biscay , through its three-year transparency and open data plan 2020–2022, includes the adoption of the Open Data Charter as one of their objectives

The Provincial Council of Biscay joins the greater open data community, to deepen their commitment to the adoption of the Open Data Charter principles and to share their achievements and knowledge acquired, while benefiting from the knowledge of the network as a whole.

Balancing the tension between open data and privacy

The Provincial Council of Biscay as of 1st of December 2020, has published a provincial decree for the opening of data in the open portal in DF106/2020.

The document sets out to define the open by default principle, whereby all data generated and managed by the Provincial Council of Biscay , by the entities of the provincial public sector and by the entities that voluntarily adhere to the system of provincial openness are presumed to be publishable under the terms and within the limits established in the objective scope.

In the event that the information to be published is affected by limitations on privacy or other priorities that may be explicitly established by the Provincial Council of Biscay or other affected bodies, the appropriate technical and organizational measures shall be established to guarantee a level of security appropriate to the risk, applying, where appropriate, mechanisms of anonymization, pseudonymization, encryption or other sufficient aggregations so that, in compliance with the legal framework, said information may be made available for its use and publication.

Challenges encountered thus far

The biggest challenge they faced during development and implementation has been the availability of data, not because of its quantity, but the challenge of engaging re-users once the portal was opened. Open data re-users and champions are a specialized group and the administration was not yet acquainted with the communities that could spearhead this for their departments.

“The Provincial Council of Biscay seeks to collaborate to multiply the value and impact of all open data initiatives. By collaborating with the open data community, we believe we can learn more, learn faster, and deliver greater value to citizens.” — Diego Alvarez Meaza, Head of Technical Advisory Office, General Directorate of Good Governance and Transparency

They seek the creation of a community where knowledge and resources are shared or the creation of bilateral agreements between re-users and suppliers and the use of common standards.

“To this end, we have a working with local universities in building up a common project, so that we can divulge and educate the great possibilities offered by the reuse of data, and in this way, to train good professionals who provide great added value to open data,” said Diego Alvarez Meaza, Head of Technical Advisory Office, General Directorate of Good Governance and Transparency who added that they are also in the process of launching a Datathon with the theme of ‘mobility’. The Datathon has two major objectives: to raise awareness of the possibilities of the County Council’s open data portal, and on the other hand, to gather projects and ideas that can be useful for citizens as a whole.

If you would like to join our network of over 150 governments and civil society organizations by adopting the international Open Data Charter principles read more here or e-mail us at




Learn how we are working towards a culture of open and responsible data use by governments and its citizens.

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