Implementation guide for the homogenization of metadata in the Open Data Catalog of the Government of Catalonia

By Directorate General for Transparency and Open Data of the Government of Catalonia

Open Data Charter
Jun 3 · 2 min read
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As established in its Open Government Plan 2019–2020 (extended until June 2021), the government of Catalonia is pleased to share its recently published Guide for the homogenization of metadata in the open data catalogue.

This project responds to the specific commitments on:

  • Promotion of common criteria for the publication of information subject to active advertising (1.2.2)
  • Harmonization of open data criteria and standards used (2.2.6)
  • Identification and execution of other open data quality actions (2.2.7)

Although the Guide is focused on facilitating the internal work of those responsible for open data in the Catalan Government and giving coherence to the metadata files, we believe that it may be useful for other organizations since it provides general guidelines that can be extended elsewhere.

Guide and structure

This document is a guide for the standardisation criteria and requirements to be used by public agencies that publish open datasets in Catalonia’s Open Data Portal. The goal is to ensure that departments and institutions in Catalonia employ standardised criteria when publishing open data so that it serves as a simple and convenient tool for users.

It contains two main sections:

  1. Data set metadata: this section explains how to fill in the template to describe the data set later incorporated into the open data portal. It lists and describes all the information and variables that the metadata document has. For example: title, description, category, keywords, period covered, licenses, row label, attachments, producer, language, name of the data set,etc.

2. Column metadata: it provides recommendations on how to build and name the columns and descriptions of the information published in the catalogue. It provides generic recommendations on the types of attributes that make up the data. For example, how to name the fields that contain coordinate data, the ones that could have the municipality code or the types of standardizations recommended to use.

This is one more step in our goal of promoting common criteria and establishing standards that increasingly guarantee the high quality of the data we publish.

The original version of the guide is in Catalan, but it is also translated into English to be able to share it as much as possible. We hope you find it useful!

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