Looking beyond the handshakes

The G20’s announcements on open data

By Robert Palmer (@robertnpalmer)

Last weekend the heads of the world’s biggest economies met in Hamburg for their annual summit. The news was dominated by Donald Trump’s disagreements with other leaders and his first meeting with Vladimir Putin. However, under the radar, there were a number of announcements that are of interest for those of us working to open up government data.

At the Open Data Charter, we believe that a part of our value is to be a champion of open data on world stage. In our strategy, which we’ve just published, we lay out how we want to work to ingrain open data as a key issue for groups such as the G20.

Here’s an overview of the relevant announcements:

This is obviously a lot of activity on transparency and open data issues. However, something that’s missing is a how to approach open data as a theme that cuts across the whole of the G20’s agenda. We’ll be working with the next G20 presidency — Argentina — and our Charter network, to make this a priority for 2018.