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Measuring open data

A look at the four tools for assessing open data publication

The four key open data indexes. Source:
  • UN E-Government Survey: The study includes questions on open data. It covers all 193 UN countries and is based on a survey completed by governments.
  • Open Government Partnership Independent Review Mechanism (OGP IRM): The OGP IRM is an independent review of the commitments that governments have made as part of their OGP National Action Plans, a number of which include open data activities.
  • Open Data Readiness Assessment tool (ODRA): Developed by the World Bank, this tool can be used to carry out an assessment of how ready a government or individual agency is to implement an open data initiative.
  • Open Data Certificate: A free online tool developed by the Open Data Institute to assess and recognise the sustainable publication of quality open data. It assess the legal, practical, technical and social aspects of publishing open data using best practice guidance.
  • Open Data Maturity Model: A framework by the Open Data Institute to assess how well an organisation publishes and consumes open data, and identifies actions for improvement.
  • 5 stars of linked open data: Developed by Tim Berners-Lee, this assesses how easy it is to link a specific dataset to other datasets.
  • Periodic Table of Open Data’s Impact Factors: Based on the existing literature and case studies, GovLab developed an approach outlining the enabling conditions and disabling factors that often determine the impact of open data initiatives.



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