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Natalia Carfi to carry the torch of openness

ODC Board appoints its new Executive Director

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2021 marks a turning point for the Open Data Charter (ODC) when the torch of openness and leadership must be passed on from one to another. ODC’s founding member and first Executive Director, Ania Calderón, moved on from her position in June. She left behind a record of impact and strong foundations. She helped nurture ODC beyond the first draft of the commitment to be the global organisation with the reach and influence that it has today. Ania pushed for a purpose-driven and context-informed approach to guide the organisation into a new era of just and equitable data reforms.

“The ODC network of adopters and endorsers came together around a shared set of global norms and has grown into a diverse community of data practitioners that are helping ground them in policies and practices, “ said Ania. “Together we have worked to make sure society can benefit from these tools, that power is kept in check, and that human rights are protected. I remain incredibly excited about the future leadership and direction of the ODC.”

After an executive search overseen by a Transition Committee composed of ODC Board Members, who weighed candidates from a span of 13 countries, the ODC is excited to announce a new leadership to take the organization and its mission to the next level in the face of pressing global challenges. Natalia Carfi, ODC’s Deputy Director of three years, and interim Executive Director over the past 5 months will step into the role of Executive Director of the Open Data Charter.

“We couldn’t be more excited to officially appoint Natalia Carfi as the Open Data Charter’s Executive Director. Natalia has shown us steady leadership as she boldly stepped in as Interim Director for the past few months. Her wealth of knowledge in the open data governance sector and passion for climate action is especially pertinent to our times,” said Richard Stirling, Board Chair of the ODC and co-founder and CEO of Oxford Insights.

“I am thrilled for the opportunity to lead the Open Data Charter into its new phase. The COVID-19 pandemic changed the world and gave access to timely data fresh significance. It has also shown the importance of learning from one another at a global scale, yet grounded through a local lens. The Open Data Charter acts as a global hub that connects diverse actors across regions to find data-informed and locally led solutions,” said Natalia on her appointment. “We will continue promoting openness as a means to inform participation and scale up collaboration. I can’t wait to continue our work towards a more open, equitable and just world collaborating with our expanding ODC network.”

The ODC Board is confident that Natalia Carfi is uniquely positioned to lead the ODC through the pandemic, guiding our network to use data responsibly and tackling crises like gender inequality and climate change with a sharp focus and urgency.




Learn how we are working towards a culture of open and responsible data use by governments and its citizens.

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