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Open data driving reform

Open Data Charter’s 2022–2023 strategy

by Nati Carfi, ODC’s Executive Director


2021 was a super intense year, both for ODC and for me personally. ODC went through a lot of changes after Ania — our first Executive Director — left her position of almost 6 years; we changed our structure to include a Projects Manager position; we had to redesign some of the projects that still had in-person activities (that we had left in hopes of being able to do them), among other things.

I was Interim ED for 6 months before actually becoming the new ODC Executive Director last August. While I adapted into the role, I also had to write and defend a Master’s Thesis and navigate the pandemic, as did all the rest of the world’s population. I somehow managed to do both thanks to the amazing ODC team and Board, who supported me during those long days.

It has been a challenging year but also an amazing one, we got to work with governments from countries we had never worked before like Uzbekistan and Ecuador. We released a new Open Up Guide for Land Governance with our colleagues from Land Portal, we were also invited to participate as Observers to the 9th COSP UNCAC for the first time ever. And finally, our work on Covid-19 taxonomy was published after several rounds of consultations.

All throughout 2021, even before the changes in the team, we started working on our 2022/2023 Strategy. Two years ago, we decided to start working on two-year strategy documents. Before the year ends, I am happy to share, in my role as Executive Director, our upcoming plans:“Open Data driving reform”.

We are going to focus on deepening our understanding of ODC’s core thematic areas, exploring not only what openness looks like in climate change, anti-corruption, gender pay gap or land, but also what privacy or equity looks like when talking about publication of those datasets that we promote. We’ll keep promoting collaboration as a way of engaging with more organizations to add value to everyone’s efforts.

I wish everyone a great holiday season. Let us all keep the torch of openness burning brightly through the uncertainty that lies ahead. I personally want to thank ODC’s team and Board, our funders and everyone who revised the Strategy document and shared questions, thoughts and comments. These only made the document richer. Hope we all have a great 2022!




Learn how we are working towards a culture of open and responsible data use by governments and its citizens.

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