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We’re looking for a consultant to convene the open data community on climate action

Join us and work on our Open Data Community and Climate Project

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The open data community is shifting to address pressing issues of today. In the realm of climate, we are seeing an increasing overlap of two broad sets of stakeholders: 1) open data organizations that are focusing more and more onto address climate change and data, 2) environment and sustainability-focused organizations with interests in open data. There are also strong indicators of a lack of coordination amongst the open data community, which will result in a loss of opportunities to create added value to each other’s projects and to the climate agenda overall.

What we aim to do

ODC is a convener and facilitator. Through a series of sessions and interviews, we hope to bring together stakeholders to discuss and understand why open data for climate action is important, how the open data community can help the well-established climate change community in their advocacy agenda, and how projects from across both sides of the aisle can contribute to a much broader strategy to add collective value.

We will conduct a reflection of the open data movement’s past engagement and contributions to the climate agenda, and discuss the need for a coordinated effort amongst open data advocates in the climate agenda.

We will discuss questions such as:

  • What key open data and data sharing issues do we see in the climate agenda that are not sufficiently addressed?
  • What are the key contributions the open data movement can make to the climate agenda? To the global climate change discourse?
  • What key open data actors are missing from the conversation?
  • Are there coordination needs amongst open data organisations in the realm of climate?
  • How should the open data community work with: local community organisations, climate advocates, environmental agencies, and international organisations?

With these discussions, we aim to create alignment amongst key actors in the global open data community over a collaborative agenda that will help open data advocates engage and cooperate with counterparts in climate action and related communities

What we are looking for

We are looking for a consultant to lead the meeting preparation and coordination and the post-discussion reporting.

This includes creating a work plan and methodology, coordinating event invitations, conducting interviews, meeting facilitation, and final report drafting.


  • Work Plan, interview methods, and session methodology
  • Actor mapping and interviews
  • Three (3) facilitated discussion sessions plan
  • Report with key findings and recommendations for the open data community, including a collaborative agenda that outlines a combined set of positions from the open data community

Time frame

The work should start in July and be completed by December 2022 (can be completed earlier based on the work plan proposal)


The consultant will receive a total amount of 6,500 USD for the whole project.

Update: Applications are closed, as of July 19, 2022.

Are you interested in working with us on this project? Please read the Terms of Reference carefully and submit your Cover Letter, CV and proposal to We are accepting applications and proposals on a rolling basis and will close this as soon as we find the right candidate.



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