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— Nati Carfi

Open Data Charter
May 7, 2018 · 2 min read

by Natalia Carfi

After almost ten years of working for public administrations, primarily within the openness community, I’m leaving Argentina’s Modernisation Ministry to join the Open Data Charter as the new Deputy Director starting May 14th.

Working as the Open Government Director for the past 2 and a half years was challenging but very rewarding. I had the opportunity to work with an amazing team to build up Argentina’s open government and public innovation agenda (Thank you Rudi and Gonza). I also had the privilege of leading the Argentine #opengov team to develop its ambitious National Action Plan, and organise the Open Government Regional Conference with over 350 speakers last year. I believe my new role as the Charter’s deputy director is a perfect opportunity to set new goals and work on new challenges.

The Charter’s globally distributed team

The Open Data Charter currently has a network of over 90 governments and organisations committed to opening up data in ways that deliver tangible benefits to citizens. The organisation is growing, and is uniquely positioned to ensure that responses to key policy problems are informed by open data. It is an honour to be joining the Charter team — an opportunity for me to continue supporting greater openness in government. Having spent my professional career working in governmental institutions and collaborating with other organizations, I find the Charter’s globally distributed team with professionals across different time zones an exciting new challenge.

The open data community is changing at a fast pace as the openness field matures; and the Charter continues to reflect on what works and what needs to improve. I’m glad to be joining the team at a time when the discussion around openness and its impacts on our society is being redefined. In particular, I will be leading an open and participatory process to refresh the Charter Principles — this will be launched this week.

We are a small team with big ambitions that require collective action. Our growing network of Charter adopters, endorsers, stewards and partners, as well as our inspiring board members are core to achieving our mission. I look forward to engaging with the open data community around the world that continues to work tirelessly towards an improved service delivery, increased transparency and accountability, and stronger democracies.

If you are on the side of openness and are leveraging data to deliver better results, please just reach out to me.


Learn how we are working to instal a culture of open and responsible data use in governments and its citizens.

Open Data Charter

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A collaboration between governments and experts working to open up data around a shared set of principles.


Learn how we are working to instal a culture of open and responsible data use in governments and its citizens.

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