OpenExplorer Report: Road Trips

We’re very excited about 2015 and all the great adventures it will bring. This week, we’re highlighting a few of the great road trips that have happened on OpenExplorer. It makes us want to get in the car (or pack up the backpack) and go.

BRCK Expedition to Lake Malawi

The BRCK team is focused on building a rugged internet connection that can follow you anywhere. They proved it on a whole series of expeditions in 2014. The road trip to Lake Malawi to explore the mouth of the Nile River was one of our favorites! Here’s a great example of a future for connected exploration.

Goats Across America

This may seem silly, but it’s quite serious. How do you move a small family farm across the country? That’s the question that Andrew and Amy asked as they moved from the Bay Area to Virginia. The result is an interesting expose on the network of horse hotels, as well as the challenges of moving livestock along with your furniture.

Last Glimpse: Maldives

This isn’t quite a road trip. Josh and his crew are touring the Maldives, meeting with local Maldivians and learning about their culture. Their goal is to highlight this small island nation as their way of life is threatened by climate change.

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