OpenExplorer Report: Taking Flight

Our planet is composed primarily of three mediums. Rock and water are two of these, but some of the most striking adventurers are exploring through the third component, air. Of course aerial drones are a new and exciting way for anyone to see the world from above, but taking flight is certainly not limited to motorized equipment.

Aerial Mapping, Conservation, and Indigenous Community Rights

In Borneo, one of the largest islands in the world and home to an incredibly biodiverse lowland rainforest, the threat of large-scale deforestation has been taking a toll on the local community. Using small UAVs to map the area, community members are able to obtain detailed information about the changing landscape — ultimately allowing them to take a more active role in the spatial planning of their home.

Paragliding With An Aerospace Engineer

One explorer has decided to “use fluid dynamics as a playground,” pursuing sports that take place above, on the surface, and under the earth’s water. In the first installment of this adventure series, he takes to the sky — paragliding in several different locations, and sharing both the details of his journey and his infectious enthusiasm for exploration