Announcement: Sharpe Ventures Invests Into OpenFinance Network

Oct 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Sharpe Ventures, the investment arm of Sharpe focusing on the expansion of decentralised technologies, announced today in their press release their investment in OpenFinance Network (OFN), the trading platform for tokenized securities.

OFN continues to establish key partnerships throughout the digital asset and blockchain industries while serving a global network of investors across various securities offerings types, including Regulation D, Regulation S, Regulation A+ and Regulation CF.

“Sharpe Ventures aims to invest in blockchain businesses with proven market traction and a dedicated team. OpenFinance Network offers both, they have an experienced and multiskilled team and are already a trusted player in the alternative asset industry since 2014, moreover OpenFinance Network are dedicated to creating a tokenised economy for universally inclusive value exchanges, opening up opportunities for all investors, traditional and crypto.” — Dr James Butler, Co-founder, Sharpe.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have the support and confidence of James, Lewis and the team at Sharpe Capital. They have established themselves as one of the most innovative groups in the space and we are pleased to have them contribute to our project. They have had the foresight to invest in and advocate for the security token movement, one we believe will be revolutionary for financial markets globally.” — Tobin McComas, CRO and Director of Business Development, OpenFinance Network.

The OFN platform is now accepting user registrations. To sign up today, visit

For more information on the OFN, see our website or stay updated with our OpenFinance Network communications:

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About OpenFinance Network

OpenFinance Network is a trading and settlement platform for the security token industry. The platform serves as a conduit between issuers, investors, and industry stakeholders, offering streamlined access to liquidity and asset transfer efficiencies. The OFN team has over fifty years of combined experience in financial markets, exchange technology, and finance law and has operated together since 2014. For more information on OFN, visit


Sharpe is building state-of-the-art alternative data products for capital markets and blockchain investments. Crowd-sourcing predictions on financial markets, and managing a proprietary quant fund, specialising in blockchain assets. We have three defined business channels and brands: Sharpe Capital, Sharpe Ventures and Sharpe Analytics. Each sphere has a defined range of products and services, contributing to the end goal of creating a democratised ecosystem for financial market intelligence. For more information on Sharpe,

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The next evolution of alternative assets. Openfinance is the first U.S.-regulated platform for the secondary market trading of digital alternative assets.


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The next evolution of alternative assets.


The next evolution of alternative assets. Openfinance is the first U.S.-regulated platform for the secondary market trading of digital alternative assets.

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