OpenFinance Network Platform Review

Feb 15, 2019 · 3 min read

OpenFinance Network (OFN), an alternative trading system (ATS) has been open for trading 24/7 since November 28th, 2018. Since launching, we’ve incorporated feedback to enhance the overall user experience. Here is a review of the platform as it stands today.

OFN is open to US & International users, accredited and non accredited.

Within the platform, users are able to view and update their personal information, fund their trading wallet and place, buy and sell orders for security tokens.

Trading is available globally, 24/7/365

The Trading screen allows users to place orders, manage open orders and view market data. The OFN ATS operates with off-chain matching and on-chain settlement. Since we are non-custodial, settlement is p2p and completed in a matter of seconds. Pairings are in USD, giving flexibility to a wide variety of users, and bridging the gap between traditional and crypto markets.

Dashboard screens give an overview of activity.

The Dashboard screen allows users to gain a broad overview of their portfolio, recent activity, and historical trades. Portfolio values are updated in real time to show current performance of assets owned.

Update personal information on the Profile screen

The Profile screen provides users with their account status and a place to update contact information and AML/KYC documents.

Withdraw and Deposit ETH via our MSB partner

The Trading Wallet screen is the key to moving funds on and off the platform. US users may link a US bank account and ACH in and out of OFN. International users have the option to wire funds in and out. All users have the ability to deposit and withdraw Ether.

Live chat is available 24/7

In the Help Center, users have access to our FAQ’s, Terms of Service, Digital Trading Agreement, and Fee Schedule. Our help desk has live persons available 24/7 and can be contacted at

As always, be sure to keep up with our developments on social media:







The next evolution of alternative assets. Openfinance is the first U.S.-regulated platform for the secondary market trading of digital alternative assets.

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