OpenFinance Network Refines Investor Passport in Preparation for Live Trading

OFN users will soon have the ability to buy and trade security tokens on its fully-compliant platform, starting with the SPiCE VC (SPX) token. This new technology marks the start of a new era for the financial markets.

Before Trading.

The OFN Investor Passport is your first stop for participating on the live OFN trading platform. A standardization of the AML/KYC and accreditation process for securities transactions, the Investor Passport serves as a single sign on button with two factor authentication (2FA), allowing you to access all of OFN’s partner services. Completing your Investor Passport is quick and simple:

  1. Sign Up. Visit to begin. Click the “Register Now” button to sign up.
  2. Verify Your Identity. OFN is open to everyone — US accredited, US non-accredited and international investors can trade on OFN.
  3. Provide Financial Details. Providing your banking and other financial information allows streamlined use of the platform, ensuring you can make fast investment decisions.

Be Ready, Sign Up.

The approval process is quick. Upon completing your Investor Passport, OFN will send you a confirmation email welcoming you to the platform once you are approved.

Live trading begins soon. Complete your Investor Passport today to ensure you’re ready!

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