Aug 1, 2018 · 3 min read

OpenFinance Network, the first US regulated security token trading platform to market, announces Morgan Creek Digital as Investor and Anthony Pompliano as Advisor

August 1, 2018 — Chicago, IL; OpenFinance Network (OFN), an alternative asset trading platform for tokenized securities, has announced Anthony Pompliano as the newest member of its advisor committee and investor roster. Pompliano brings his experience as founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets to OFN’s mission to improve transparency and efficiency in alternative asset trading.

Morgan Creek Capital Management controls more than $1 billion in assets and is an industry leader in digital asset investments, planning to invest hundreds of millions into blockchain opportunities.

On his role as advisor and investor at OFN, Pompliano says, “Morgan Creek Digital is excited to partner with OpenFinance Network as they build out important infrastructure to empower transactions of digital securities. The team has been working on regulated exchange solutions for many years and has a distinct first mover advantage. Future transactions of regulated securities won’t be based on legacy infrastructure, but rather, will be digitally native.”

OFN is committed to meeting the growing demand for security token trading infrastructure with its easy-to-navigate alternative assets trading platform that leverages blockchain technology to offer improved transparency, security, and efficiency.

CEO of OpenFinance Network, Juan Hernandez, aims to further develop the platform’s existing tools by fostering relationships with key partners. “We are thrilled to partner with Anthony Pompliano and Morgan Creek Digital. His experience and expertise in digital assets will be invaluable as we build the foundation for a tokenized future.”

Having been a trusted player in the alternative asset industry since 2014, OFN is a pioneer in developing distributed ledger technology for improving systems of alternative asset trading. Learn more about OpenFinance Network and register today on their website and join their community and social channels:





About OpenFinance Network

OpenFinance Network is a trading and settlement platform for the alternative asset industry. The platform serves as a conduit between issuers, investors, and industry stakeholders, offering streamlined access to liquidity and asset transfer efficiencies. The team has over fifty years of combined experience in financial markets, exchange technology, and finance law and has operated together since 2014. Securities offered through Sageworks Capital, LLC, an affiliated entity, a registered broker-dealer and a member of FINRA & SIPC.

About Morgan Creek Digital

Morgan Creek Digital is a leading crypto asset manager for institutional investors. The multi-strategy investment firm serves as a gateway for the world’s top pension funds, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, and family offices to gain risk-adjusted exposure to blockchain and crypto markets. Morgan Creek Digital was founded by Mark Yusko, Jason Williams & Anthony Pompliano, and is backed by Morgan Creek Capital, a multi-billion dollar asset manager based in the US.


The next evolution of alternative assets. Openfinance is the first U.S.-regulated platform for the secondary market trading of digital alternative assets.


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The next evolution of alternative assets.


The next evolution of alternative assets. Openfinance is the first U.S.-regulated platform for the secondary market trading of digital alternative assets.

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