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Forest Information Technology to Protect and Manage Forests Sustainably

Schematic overview of Forest Information Technologies for sustainable and efficient forest management.

The Challenge

Solution: Forest Information Technology

Efficient Data Acquisition with Drones

Dr. Patrick Ribeiro is launching his drone for forest mapping in Ecuador.
A single photo of the tree canopy taken from a drone in Suriname, 2014.
Orthophoto made from many georeferenced and ortho corrected single photos taken by a drone, Colombia 2014. Learn more:
(Left) orthophoto map merges over into a canopy surface model (right). Explore the entirely mapped area:
A harvested tree can be visually detected within high-resolution drone imagery.
The circles show the position and canopy diameter of a Spruce forest in Germany, 2015.

Forest Warehouse Approach

Videocast of a forest inventory web map. To view live examples please click the following links and

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