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The core concept of environmental sustainability (free for reuse with the link to OpenForests).

The Core Concept of Sustainability

No concept is more inflationary, misused and at the same time so important.

Why is sustainability so important?


Example of natural resources exploitation

Different scenarios for the demand for industrial round timber following Weiner, et. al 2000.

Use of the sustainability term

The recent history of sustainability

Increasing abundance

The graph by Google Books Ngram shows how “sustainability” has appears in a corpus of books between 1970 and 2008.

Misuse of sustainability as an attribute for everything

Sustainability concepts

Three pillars of sustainability.
The figure shows schematically how the social and economic systems are embedded in the environment.

A side note

Re-framing sustainability

Definition of the core sustainability concept

Environmental sustainability

Comments of the author

Get up, stand up for Environmental Sustainability.

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