Hands-on Workshop on Linked Open Statistical Data (LOD)

During the 16th March, OpenGovIntelligence performed a practical workshop on the New Techniques and Technologies for Statistics (NTTS) 2017 (https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cros/content/new-techniques-and-technologies-statistics-ntts-2017_en). This workshop had the special presence of Christine Kormann, director of Eurostat Modernization (DIGICOM), Nikolaos Loutas (PwC), Paul Hermans (ProXML), Bill Roberts (Swirrl) and Evangelos Kalampokis (University of Macedonia/CERTH).

Christine Kormann exlpaingin the potential benefits of New techniques and technologies for Statistics

NTTS is part of the strategy created by the Collaboration in Research and Methodology for Official Statistics of European Union (EU). The audience presented on the workshop was majorly part of official statistic officers in Europe (https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/cros/content/hands-workshop-linked-open-statistical-data-lod_en).

Dr. Evangelos Kalampokis introducing the OGI project to the audience

Showing interest, questions from the audience emerged highlighting the potential of OGI toolkit for statisticians and statistical officers. As a potential benefit, the audience identified faster and easier conduction of statistical data analysis. However, challenges also were pointed by the 30 participants. As an example, how to combine data sets with different methodologies of data collection. Further, some officials showed interest on implementing the project, but asked more successful cases and capacity building on the format of courses.

Even a shiny and warm day in Brussels didn't stopped 30 people to participate on the OGI workshop

The OGI team received with enthusiasm all the questions and recommendations and is already processing them for the OGI successful on this targeted audience, statisticians and official civil servants at EU countries.

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