OGI Project presented at Top Tier Brazilian Universities USP and UNESP

In December 2016, Ricardo Matheus, researcher and PhD candidate at Delft University of Technology and member of OGI Project, was in Brazil (South America) for exchanging experiences of Smart Cities and Data-Driven Public Service Delivery.

The first seminar was given at University of São Paulo State (UNESP) in Araraquara city for public administration students <www.fclar.unesp.br/#!/instituicao/introduction/>. They observed how OGI toolkit functionalities can enable the delivery of public services aligned with co-creation input from internal and external stakeholders.

The second seminar was in São Paulo city at University of São Paulo (USP) on the Group of Studies on Technology and Innovation (GETIP) <http://getip.net.br/>. Below are shown the diverse group of students from information systems, public administration and environmental management that participated on the seminar about OGI project.