OpenGovIntelligence at European Data Forum 2016

The European Data Forum 2016 (EDF) was held on June 29th-30th in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Many people from industry, academia, civil society and government joined together to discuss the future of Data Analytics in Europe. Some new infrastructure, tools, techniques and methods were presented to improve the data-driven analysis of both public and private organisations.

The presenters explained the benefits from data-driven analysis tools and software, for example, economic growth, reduction of costs and societal impact such as transparency and decision-making.

The OpenGovIntelligence (OGI) consortium ( participated at the EDF with a poster explaining how governments can use Linked Open Statistical Data (LOSD) to co-create and innovate public policy service delivery. The poster attracted many participants from enterprises, universities and public sector and we had some very interesting conversations.

Many of the people we talked to were interested on improving their services delivery, but have been struggling to identify cost-effective ways to tackle the complex data management and integration problems they face. It was a good confirmation that if OpenGovIntelligence can achieve its goals, we can make a valuable contribution to improving public administration through better use of linked open statistical data.

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