About DBpedia 2016–04 Edition

This release is based on updated Wikipedia dumps dating from March/April 2016, and features a significantly expanded base of information as well as richer and (hopefully) cleaner data based on the DBpedia ontology.

English Edition Knowledgebase Statistics

This edition of the DBpedia knowledge base currently describes 6 million uniquely identified entities of which 4.6 million are associated with abstracts, 1.53 million have geo coordinates, and 1.6 million have depictions. In total, 5.2 million entities are classified in a consistent ontology that further classifies entities along the following lines:

  • 1.5 million people
  • 810 thousand places (including 505 thousand populated places)
  • 490 thousand creative works (including 135 thousand music albums, 106 thousand, films and 20 thousand video games)
  • 275 thousand organizations (including 67 thousand companies and 53 thousand educational institutions)
  • 301 thousand species
  • 5 thousand diseases

The total number of entities (rdf:Resource or owl:Thing instances) in English DBpedia is 16.9M. Besides the previously mentioned 6 million entities, that includes 1.7 million concept (skos:Concept instances) categories (or subject matter headings), 7.3 million redirect pages, 260 thousand disambiguation pages and 1.7 million intermediate nodes.

In total, the DBpedia 2016–04 release consists of 9.5 billion (2015–10: 8.8 billion) pieces of information (represented as RDF-Language triples or sentences) out of which 1.3 billion (2015–10: 1.1 billion) were extracted from the English edition of Wikipedia, 5.0 billion (2015–10: 4.4 billion) from other language editions, and 3.2 billion (2015–10: 3.2 billion) from DBpedia Commons and Wikidata. In general, we observed a growth in cross-reference oriented statements (referencing other data sources) of about 2%.

Thorough statistics can be found on the DBpedia website, and general information on the DBpedia datasets is here.

Ontology Statistics

The DBpedia community added many new classes and properties to the DBpedia ontology via the mappings wiki. The DBpedia 2016–04 ontology encompasses:

  • 754 classes (DBpedia 2015–10: 739)
  • 1,103 object property types (DBpedia 2015–10: 1,099)
  • 1,608 datatype property types (DBpedia 2015–10: 1,596)
  • 132 specialized datatype properties (DBpedia 2015–10: 132)
  • 410 owl:equivalentClass and 221 owl:equivalentProperty mappings to external vocabularies and ontologies (DBpedia 2015–04: 407 and 221)


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