OSDS (OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer) — version 2.14.24 Features

New Features & Benefits

Kingsley Uyi Idehen
Jul 6, 2017 · 3 min read
  • Adds support for Super Links Super Links are custom hyperlinks that automatically overlay keywords in sniffed documents. They are the result of Entity Extraction and Lookup Services via URIBurner (or your preferred Linked Data Service instance).
Automatic Highlighting of Entities based on LOD Cloud Lookup and NLP Services provided by various services

Why do I need this?

Augmenting reading experience via automated entity highlighting and additional information lookup. Remember, understanding the nature of an entity goes a long way towards putting content in better context.

How does it work?

The following tasks are packed into sequence of events associated with a single mouse-click:

  1. Select entities (identified literally) from the text currently in your browser
  2. Perform lookups against our URIBurner service (Dynamic Data Junction Box in the Linked Open Data Cloud) that also incorporates services from 3rd party service providers (Watson Natural Language [AlchemyAPI], Babelfy, Dandelion API [DataTXT], Google Knowledge Graph etc..)
  3. Assign Linked Data Identifiers (i.e, hyperlink-based names that resolve to entity description documents) to selected entities
  4. Highlight matches using a custom hyperlink that open up to a data grid.

In a nutshell, you can look up additional information about entities of interest, with ease.

  • Adds support for file: scheme URIs — You can now sniff HTML, RDF, etc., from the local filesystem in addition to http: scheme URIs.
Opening RDF-Turtle Document from Local Folder
Visualization of RDF sentences/statements via file: schema URI
  • SPARQL Query Service configuration now in its own Options tab — provides cleaner UI for configuring the SPARQL Query Services provider
Default SPARQL Query for LOD Cloud Lookups
  • Super Links configuration Options tab — provides an interface for configuring the SPARQL Query Templates that drive Super Links functionality
Snapshot view of default Super Links SPARQL Query
Full view of default Super Links SPARQL Query


This release continues the process of adding missing Semantic Web of Linked Data functionality to existing browsers.


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Kingsley Uyi Idehen

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OpenLink Software Blog

Blog Publication Hub focused on Data Access, Integration, Flow, and Management Tech

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