Midsumar Thoughts 2017

I’ve noticed recently a few political anomalies, which I suspect may signal of a paradigm shift, which may then lead to a Western Civil War.

We, as a group of nations who base our lives presupposing the values of the enlightenment, have grown used to the numerous attacks by Islamic Extremists that we experience annually, and non-Islamic terror has been relatively non-existent in the contemporary era.

This, however, seems to have changed, with a left-wing radical attacking a GOP Congressional baseball game, as well as an anti-Islamic attack against Finsbury Park Muslims. Both of these attacks can, and should, be considered terrorism.

This, however, leads my mind to wonder if there is perhaps a better word than terrorism at this point. There are three groups of people attacking each other, as well as common folk.

This is war, to use the simplest term. A war fought amongst men of the same civilization, should, and must, be called what it is. We appear to be witnessing the beginning of a civil war.

This war may need to be fought, or it may not; that is, at this moment, uncertain. What I am certain of, however, is that the western values we take for granted, such as Capitalism, Free Speech, and democracy, are worth fighting for. We, as Western People, must protect ourselves and the culture that brought us to this point.

My call to action, as one is needed to make my position a clear one, is that you must go and purchase, and even memorize, as many of the books whose ideas we take for granted as possible. Orwell, Smith, Einstein, Homer, Plato, etc. We may all be entering hard times soon and these are ideas that deserve to survive.