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A common place for LGBTQ friends


I’ve been wanting to start a publication for quite sometime now. I wanted it to be different, inviting, adventurous, (and maybe even) DARING!

I believe the time is now, more than ever, to start a publication that brings authors and readers together within the LGBTQ community.

Yes, I’m aware there are other publications, sites and blogs, but there isn’t enough support going around these days…and one more couldn’t hurt.


Openly is a safe place for us to share stories of LGBTQ life. It might be first encounters, memorable experiences, intimate moments, unforgettable memories, life lessons. Stories to help change lives.

Mission Statement

It is my hope to build a supportive community that helps bring everyone from all walks of life together one story at a time.

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All types of submissions accepted — from amateur writers to pros.