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Strong Holder Offering: OpenPredict (OPT)

OpenPredict is the first DeFi protocol to turn live predictions into liquid assets.

The protocol generates a tri-smart contract system for every event: one acts as an escrow for event predictors, second contract mints tokens that represent correct predictors, and third contract mint tokens that represent incorrect predictors.

This initiates the first step towards bringing liquidity to the hundreds of billions of dollars locked in live predictions. Further, it enables a trustless bridge between crypto and stocks, forex, or commodities through options-style liquid predictions.

OpenPredict has a Product-Rich Roadmap

Q4, 2020

TrustPredict: 2 or more parties can make a prediction on anything, without the need for a middleman.

Q1, 2021

OpenPredict Protocol beta: Liquid predictions for limited events.

TrustPredict Margin: Hodl an asset, claim a smart contract-based loan on it, and make a prediction.

Q2, 2021

oSwap: Swap pool dedicated to discounted trading of liquid prediction assets.

TrustPredict Lending: Lenders will be able to provide stablecoins to finance the collateralized predictions on TrustPredict.

Q3, 2021

OpenPredict Protocol DAO: Team foregoes right to decide which events and options-like markets the predictions are open to.

Q4, 2021

Multi-Chain TrustPredict: A year after TrustPredict’s launch on Ethereum, this high-demand product will be extended to additional blockchains, with Polkadot being the first expansion horizon.

Token Sale Allocations

  1. Strategic Round: $50,000 (500,000 OPT; 5%)

2. Strong Holder Offering: $100,000 (1,000,000 OPT; 10%)

3. Social Miners: $20,000 (200,000 OPT; 2%)

4. Meme/GIF Competition: $5,000 (50,000 OPT; 0.5%)

5. Whitelist War: $75,000 (750,000 OPT; 7.5%)

It is likely that some people who have won an allocation can fail to deliver funds within the specified deadline. Allocations will be redacted from winners who fail to deliver funds in time. These allocations will go to a closing gas war.

Strong Holder Offering (SHO) Explained

OpenPredict is working with DAO Maker, a leading accelerator focused on tokenized developments. The company’s portfolio includes Elrond, NEM, Avalanche, Orion, and more.

OpenPredict will use DAO Maker’s Social Mining technology to allocate OPT tokens dedicated to users that have a proven track record of strong hands. The target token is Orion Protocol’s ORN token. User wallets that have held (and not dumped) Orion’s ORN tokens will qualify for a high hodl index.

DAO Maker’s SHO sales are cyclical. Orion was the last sale conducted through DAO Maker’s platform, and its SHO round gave allocations to ERD holders (a previous sale done through DAO Maker). This time, OPT tokens will be issued to strong hands holding ORN.

The next DAO Maker Strong Holder Offering (SHO) will benefit strong hands holding OPT.

Eligible participants include users who participated in previous DYCOs and SHOs, as well as users who have purchased tokens on the secondary market and held them in a non-custodial wallet or through smart contract-based staking.

— —

The timeline of the Strong Holder Offering and other rounds will be released very soon.




OpenPredict enables anyone to create predictions on virtually anything.

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