3 Reasons To Buy In Vancouver RIGHT NOW

Good news is on the horizon!

In past year, the Vancouver market took a turn for the worse. As the economy entered a troubling state, a negative impact flooded the real estate market. Residential homes experienced a major loss in market value, and Commercial property lost the backing of foreign investors. There was very little hope of any positive growth in the near future.

Until now!

Experts are noting a positive change in the Vancouver market happening right now. Can we be honest with you? This isn’t the time to wait and see what the market will look like a year or two from now. Take advantage of it being in your favour right now. Here are 3 reasons why you should purchase a Vancouver home today.

1. Vancouver’s historically rising housing prices.

Last year alone, Vancouver experienced a 40 percent increase in home prices and on average 20 percent compound year return in last 7 years. This is in contrast with the decreasing home prices in other Canadian areas. The current rate of the price increase is making real estate a worthy investment again. Yet, prices are low enough to present prospective buyers with a great opportunity. You want to purchase your home now before prices climb out of reach or even decrease the value drastically.

2. Loans are buyer-friendly.

Banks are well aware of the hardship that home buyers are facing at the moment. Loans offered are now including options such as government assisted interest-free down payment programs. If you are in need of financial assistance with your home purchase, these loans are ideal. Right now, banks are willing to work with you to buy your first home.

3. The peak of this years real estate market is near.

It’s about that time of the year when an abundance of homeowners interested in selling will start to flood the housing market. You want to purchase your home at this time while prices are low, and options are high. It will give you the greatest amount of leverage to negotiate. If you are purchasing while lower prices are a dime a dozen, you know for certain you’ll be able to find one to your liking within your budget.

Get in contact with us, or your realtor, as soon as possible. Don’t miss out on this prime opportunity to purchase the home of your dreams waiting for an ideal real estate market. The market right now is a buyer’s dream.