CryptoTickets, Ethereum ERC721 tickets, are live and tradeable on OpenSea

Devin Finzer
Dec 27, 2018 · 5 min read

IMPORTANT EDIT: After posting this article, we learned that we weren’t the first to issue tickets on the blockchain. The AlphaWallet team sold valid World Cup tickets by working directly with FIFA. You can read more about that very awesome project here.

We’re super excited to announce that we’ll be issuing tickets for the upcoming NFT.NYC conference on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC721 assets, for sale on OpenSea. Each ticket is a unique ERC721 item, which we call a CryptoTicket. CryptoTickets are instantly re-sellable, transferrable, bundle-able, bid-able, and interoperable.

While you can still purchase some tickets using our Eventbrite form, 50 discounted VIP tickets are available only on OpenSea, alongside 50 discounted general admission tickets.

How we built it

Just another tradeable asset

Simple proof of ownership

To prove you’re the current owner of the ticket (or really any ERC721 asset), you simply go to the ticket on your OpenSea account and click a button to sign a message using your Ethereum account. This generates a QR code with a signature from your account.

An event manager scanning the QR code will be taken to a URL that validates A) that the signed message is valid for the user’s address, and B) that the signer of the message actually owns the item in question on-chain. In the case of tickets, the event manager then has the option to mark the ticket as “used” (which could be stored either on-chain or off-chain).

Why it’s cool

As outsiders to the ticketing industry, we share this skepticism. Nevertheless, we think blockchain-based tickets might occupy a niche in the near term. Similar to activity in the early blockchain gaming ecosystem—which is mostly smaller, indie projects—we think there might be interesting smaller-scale use cases for blockchain tickets.

Tickets as collectibles

Collectibles as tickets

Advanced auction functionality

  • Dutch auction their CryptoTickets
  • Sell bundles of CryptoTickets (perhaps even with a CryptoKitty or two)
  • Sell in any ERC20 token (stable coins, fiat coins, rewards tokens)
  • Accept bids for tickets
  • Trade CryptoTickets for other items (coming soon!)

Shared incentives for secondary sales

Tracing custody, while preserving good UX

But could we have a world with both good UX and the ability to trace custody? While Crypto UX is certainly far inferior to centralized UX at the moment, Crypto UX might one day be superior. Imagine a system where “logging in” was simply granting access to your sovereign, decentralized identity. A ticket could be instantly available in an account where all of your “other stuff” (collectibles, gaming items, ENS names) lives.

In such an (admittedly far off) world, it may be possible to accurately track custody while preserving smooth UX for users. If you don’t believe that crypto UX could ever be superior, be sure to check out the Universal Login Project.

Get your VIP ticket today!

If you’re running a crypto conference, you might be interested in working with us on our solution. Reach out to us at if you’d like to issue some tickets on the blockchain. And as usual, if you’re interested in staying involved in OpenSea-related news, sign up for our mailing list and join us on our Discord.


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Devin Finzer

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