imToken and OpenSea Collaborate on a Seamless Mobile NFT Experience

In addition to operating the largest marketplace for digital goods, OpenSea maintains the most comprehensive API for Ethereum NFTs, contracts, events, and more. As a result, OpenSea’s API powers the collectible-focused facets of Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, Balance, CryptoGoods, ToknTalk, CKBox, Vault Wallet, Bitski, Portis, and Amberdata, among others. Today, we proudly announce that a imToken 2.0 has joined the ranks of applications benefitting from OpenSea’s API!

Specifically, we’re providing the data that allows imToken users to view their collectibles in their imToken wallet. When you load up your main address using your twelve word seed phrase and navigate to the collectibles tab, you’ll find your whole collection of NFTs waiting for you.

In addition to displaying a user’s NFTs, imToken 2.0 will allow users to view, send, and receive ERC-20 tokens. It also includes a slick QR scanner that will spare you the trouble of copying and pasting addresses.

What’s more, imToken 2.0 supports BTC and EOS, allows you to access any dapp (including OpenSea!), and even has a DEX built right in.

If you’re a developer and you want to get in on the action, check out how the OpenSea API makes it easy to retrieve and display the NFTs owned by a given account. Or if you’re a game developer and you’re more interested in seeing your work appear in users’ wallets, try out our crowdsale tutorial.

With imToken 2.0, imToken carves out a larger space for themselves in the mobile wallet space. Which mobile wallet do you use most? Coinbase Wallet? Trust? Vault? Share your thoughts on imToken 2.0 and its competitors below.