OpenSea Black Friday sale starts tomorrow, in partnership with

We’re excited to announce that the first OpenSea black Friday sale will start tomorrow, in partnership with the team at Here are the details:

Mixed bundles

We’ll be auctioning off up to 20 mixed bundles, including Darkwinds cards, War Riders vehicles, CryptantCrabs, CryptoKitties, Player Tokens, and Axies. Most of these bundles will start at some price in ETH and drop down to 0 ETH over the course of the day.

In partnership with the Darkwinds team, we’ll also be auctioning off some exclusive packs of Darkwind cards that are difficult to obtain by buying random packs.

Dutch auctions

The auctions will be dutch auctions, meaning they will start at a specific price and decline to 0 ETH over the course of a day. You can purchase at any time, but if you wait too long you may lose your chance to get the deal!

One day only—move fast!

The auctions will be for one day only, starting at 9AM EST on Friday, November 23, 2018. The bundles will go live here. Happy shopping, and be sure to join our Discord for real-time news on the sale!