OpenSea Developer Update: July 10, 2018

Storefront editor, HyperDragons, and breeding…celebrities?

It’s time for another OpenSea update! This week we introduced a new navigation bar, added some new games, and launched a new tool for editing your OpenSea storefront.

UI Changes

New navigation bar. Find your favorite dapp!

We re-did the old navigation bar to improve the user experience and to showcase more games on the platform. Check it out!

For Developers

Storefront editor

Now you can deck out your OpenSea storefront! You can edit your storefront description, name, image, and game link. What’s more, it’s all done through your Metamask account (we verify ownership using the OpenZeppelin Ownable interface), so no username or password required.

New Games

Hyper Dragons

This game is fire… literally! Buy your first dragon at the OpenSea dragon storefront to start a dragon castle war and win some ETH!

HyperDragon #13550 on OpenSea

Celebrity Breeder

A second-layer experience on top of one of the first blockchain games, CryptoCelebrities. Now you can breed your celebs.

Travis-Jr Kalanick on OpenSea

Panda Earth

Definitely some of the cutest collectibles we’ve seen! Breed adorable little pandas on the Ethereum blockchain. Plus, every panda is a digital copy of a real panda, as authorized by the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Pandas.

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