We partnered with Ember Sword to power their marketplace for in-game items

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with Ember Sword, a cutting edge massively multiplayer online role playing game.

Right now, we’re working closely with the Ember Sword team on custom versions of our marketplace and SDK. Soon, OpenSea’s technology will serve as the backbone of the player-to-player marketplace for collectible items inside Ember Sword.

From the start, Ember Sword recognized the importance of a secure and user-friendly in game marketplace for their game items. Faced with a decision between reinventing the wheel and leveraging existing tools, they chose the latter. We’re honored that OpenSea was their choice, and we’re proud to play a role in the Ember Sword story.

We like to think that our contribution reaches beyond Ember Sword’s marketplace, too. By leaning on OpenSea’s tools, the Ember Sword team gets to spend more development time building features and tweaking balance. As a result, the whole game improves.

A New Type of Marketplace

The first-of-its-kind Ember Sword marketplace will allow players to freely trade their in game premium cosmetic items, like skins and emotes, using Ember Sword’s premium currency — the PIXEL Token. PIXEL is scarce, useful, and ERC 20 compliant, which means players can sell the PIXEL Token for ETH or USD on decentralized exchanges, turning their in game items into real world profit.

In traditional video games like Fortnite and Counter-Strike, an endless supply of identical skins dilutes the value and meaning of any individual item. Cosmetics in Ember Sword, on the other hand, all have a unique identity and history. Ember Sword’s items exist in finite supply, rewarded to players through in-game activities and competitions. Unlike a CS skin or WoW gold, Ember Sword items are true digital collectibles, owned by the players and subject to real economic forces.

Why we’re partnering with Ember Sword

The Ember Sword is building the next generation of Free to Play MMORPG player experiences. At a fundamental level, they’re rethinking what an MMORPG is and can be. In this new world, players have a real and permanent stake in their game.

But players need more than just skin in the game if a project is going to thrive. An MMORPG has to provide a compelling experience and not just an enticing investment opportunity if it’s going to succeed in the long run. That’s exactly what sets Ember Sword apart from the crowd. It’s a beautiful, engaging game with a marketplace built on NFTs, not an NFT project with an ancillary game wrapped around it.

In Ember Sword, tokenized ownership of game items enables a fair, thriving, no-pay-to-win gameplay environment. Players can securely trade sound digital goods in a peer-to-peer marketplace and the developers can earn enough money to keep building. It’s a thrill to play a central role in the monetization strategy of such an innovative and professional project.

Learn More About OpenSea

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Learn More About Ember Sword

The Ember Sword PIXEL token private presale is going on right now, with the public crowdsale taking place in Q2, 2019.

To participate in the private presale, contact the Ember Sword via their website or reach out directly to sune(at)socouch.com.

Learn more by reading their Business Pitch and Game Pitch, or check out their Introduction to Ember Sword — the Blockchain MMORPG.

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